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Twenty-eight national training courses with 465 professionals representing property owners, consultants, technology providers, design engineers, energy strategists, etc. have been carried out as part of this project.

The national training courses and seminars about the Total Concept method will continue also in the future and will be organized by the local project partners.  For more information, please contact your national partner, see help desk.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact your national Totalt Concept representative.

Denmark SBi, Aalborg University Alireza Afshari
Estonia EKVÜ Aivar Uutar
Finland Bionova Oy Tytti Bruce
Norway Sintef Mads Mysen
Sweden CIT Energy Management Mari-Liis Maripuu

Frequently asked questions

What is the Total Concept method?

The Total Concept is a method for improving energy performance in existing non-residential buildings. The method applies a holistic approach to work with energy issues in the building with the aim to achieve maximum savings in a cost efficient way. According the Total Concept method a package of energy saving measures is formed and carried out based on the criteria that the whole action package must fulfill the property owner´s profitability requirements. This way of working has shown that total energy savings of more than 50 percent are possible. The Total Concept method demonstrates that large scale energy performance improvements in existing non-residential buildings can satisfy profitability demands set by the building owner/investor and thus become a market driver for major refurbishment of existing buildings towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.